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Scars, obesity lines, stretch marks, necklines, and other scars may have bothered everyone. Because of these scars, we were so ashamed that can't be honest with ourselves, and we have made a lot of efforts for this. The silicone scar sheets called FlattenU can change the scar tissue in our skin, stimulate the epidermal cells to make them grow again, and lighten the scars and wrinkles. With continued use for a month or more, you will regain smooth skin. Whether it's from a minor cut, scratch, or bum, surgery, or C-section delivery, it is the most economical alternative for surgical scar removal and it is just as effective! 

Advanced Technology & Safe Material

● Medical Grade Silicone Textile layer: polyamide, elastane

FlattenU silicone sheets make scars more supple. The sheets will also reduce the redness of scars. FlattenU sheets are also an ideal way to prevent direct friction on the skin. The silicone in FlattenU Silicone Sheets helps to keep the sheet flexible and breathable and to soften and smooth scar tissue. Non-invasive safe for nursing, long-lasting, and proven results on old.

● Recommend Scar Reduction Technology Backed by patented silicone technology used by plastic surgeons, hospitals and burns centers when treating scars.


Provide (UPF50) UV protection as a standard feature

FlattenU silicone sheets (both Elastic and Light) also protect scars from sunlight, which is crucial for damaged skin. Even when it's cloudy, the sun's UV rays are powerful enough to easily penetrate your skin and cause damage. This increases the risks of dry skin, permanent discolouration, scarring, and skin cancer.

The protection provided by FlattenU silicone sheets is equivalent to SPF factor 50. This does not mean that you can sunbathe indefinitely with scarred skin. You are advised to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible.

How It Words

The silicone scar sheets FlattenU removal sheets are used to form a split form of silicone to the skin, breaking down the tissue within the scar into small molecules that are discharged from the body through lymph, while stimulating the collagen under the skin, the cells continue to grow rapidly, allowing the skin to regain its balance and achieve the purpose of scar line removal.

Sheets are able to allow the silicone gel to stay on the skin continuously

Lock the local high moisture environment - softening and fading the crease scars.

Breathable with high oxygen permeability - can reduce mast cell aggregation to improve the size of crease scars.

Has a pressurizing effect - to promote the regular growth of collagen, has been scar proliferation.

Layer creates a protective barrier - over the scar which allows it to mature while helping to prevent, the silicone layer also assists with the hydration of the scar.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Step 1
Wash and dry the scar before applying sheet, and cut the scar sheet based on scar size and shape 

Step 2
Remove the protective film from the adhesive side of the sheet

Step 3
Apply the adhesive side of the silicone sheet to your skin over the scar, ensuring it extends around one inch beyond the edge of your scar


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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I had some ugly scars on my leg. My doctor advised me to use FlattenU silicone sheets. It's a plaster that you paste on your scar and wear for 23 hours a day, then you wash it with soap and you can use it again. I've now been using it for just a week and my reaction is – WOW! The scars were so dark and purplish – and now they really look paler. FlattenU is also supposed to work on older scars. So if you're really SUPER-annoyed with a scar, this is really a must!  🙂


I've been using these for 7 months. The first two rolls I received were amazing. They would stay on until I took them off, I changed them every 4 days or so. They lasted through showers and baths. But the roll I got last month doesn't stick at all. I put it on and it's already rippling and by the end of the day it is falling off. I'm going to order one more roll and hope for the original quality. If it is anything like the roll I most recently received, I will not ever be ordering these again. The photo I have posted is literally how it looked 2 minutes after applying, comes right off.


I bought this to help my c-section scar heal and it's only been a month, but the scar has definitely already faded at least in color. If nothing else, this tape (which adheres super well-even when wet!) has made wearing jeans more comfortable since it keeps things from rubbing up against the scar and irritating it. I wear this tape all the time now and hopefully I can edit this review in a few months and say that my scar is barely noticeable. :)


I had an unfortunate accident on 8/28/22 that led to seven stitches in my forehead. I have been using it for almost two months and the results have never been more obvious!  this is totally worth it! Now that the scars are almost gone, I also try to use it on my crow's feet and on my lines. So many products just this one surprised me so much, it's so worth it!


FlattenU is certainly useful!!After my amputation I got such an ugly, tight, red scar that the plastic surgeon had to open it again to get it right. The plastic surgeon gave me FlattenU plasters and the scar is now fine!


My surgery  took place 18 months ago and I started using FlattenU. My physiotherapist came up with the idea and we are both very excited about its effect. My scar was very red and swollen and this is already much reduced. I can therefore highly recommend it.


During a symposium for oncology nurses over the past 2 days I have gathered more information about FlattenU. And it's certainly useful.


I recently had a lipoma removed on my chest. I have a history of hypertrophic scars. After the surgery, I could feel that the incision site was constantly itchy and hard. Soon afterwards, I noticed the incision site getting raised as well. Bought these silicone scar sheets. I wear them for at least 12 hours a day, if not more. Over a 3 month period, the itchiness went away and the scar is soft and flat. Simply amazing!


My hand was burnt badly and required a skin graft. I am left with several scars. The nerves are growing back and my hand is still sensitive. There is one area that would start to heal but wouldn’t completely heal. There is another area with thick scarring. The scarring misshaped my thumb. The burn center recommended this tape. I was skeptical, but tried it. The area that wouldn’t heal has since healed under the tape. The area of thick scarring is reduced and my thumb is beginning to return to its original shape. The tape is a neutral beige so people don’t recognize it as a bandage. It matches my skin tone. I wish that I would have known about this sooner. I’m now using it on old injury surgical scars as well. Great product.


I wish I had been able to use these 8 years ago when I had stitches and needed them. They are really perfect. Easy to cut to size, easy to peel off and apply. On my forehead, they are hardly noticeable and it's easy to forget I have them on... so perfect to wear to bed. I'm using them to reduce wrinkles and I think they're working to reduce crows feet. I haven't tried to re-use, but I bet you could.


I used this on vacation my incision is fairly new but will continue using to reduce scarring. I removed my thyroid and it was very important to keep covered in the sun. The bandage wasn't noticeable as it matched my skin tone and it's soft and comfortable. Absolutely kept my incision safe from the sun ! Sunburn everywhere except that square. Its sun protection is so strong.



30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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