He Kept Polishing His Skin With Stones Just To Make It Flat And Smooth

By Alex Smith MAY 22, 2023
in Health Tech

There is a local fisherman named Sam in the United States. Over the years, his skin has always had a lot of pimples. Every time he gets sick, he will use stones to polish his pimples to make the skin smooth, and then the skin will recover quickly. His story attracted Dr.Kenna, a local dermatologist with many years of clinical experience in dermabrasion in the United States, and she has been researching new skin repair techniques. Dr.Kenna was amazed by Sam's skin self-healing method, and she decided to start her research.

Dr. Kenna discovered that the stone Sam had been using to polish his skin was actually a pumice stone by the sea. This kind of stone contains a lot of silicon after being washed, soaked and oxidized by seawater all year round. Dr. Kenna knows that polishing the skin with stones having silica is actually effective in removing the superficial unevenness of damaged skin, because the silica substance acts as a lubricant for the skin and tones the damaged skin, leaving it in a smooth and delicate state, improving it to regrow. There is no doubt that stone polishing is really painful and can cause skin infections, and as a skin expert, Dr. Kenna knows that there is currently medical dermabrasion for scar repair, but the risks (hyperpigmentation, scar growth, infection complications, etc). And limitations (hemophilia, hepatitis B patients, abscess skin, and many other patients with various diseases), this makes many people discouraged and disappointed.

She Brings A New Solution To People Who Disappointed For Removing Scars

Dr. Kenna believes Sam's method will be the key to solving the problem. Firstly, Dr. Kenna thought of gel application, but after testing, she found that the gel is not convenient to apply, on the one hand, it is easy to rub on the clothes, on the other hand, it is extremely easy to evaporate, making the active ingredients stay for a very short time.

By chance, when Dr. Kenna was sick with a fever, she noticed the fever-reducing patch and was inspired by the design of the fever-reducing patch. Because the patch allows the gel to stay on the skin, allowing the drug to continue to work. At the same time, the patches also can protect the skin from pollution and UV. Eventually, after much testing and improvement, Dr. Kenna and the medical team finally developed the silicone gel scar sheets FlattenU.

Why The FlattenU Can Compensate For The Risks And Limitations Of Others And Become The Most Painless And Effective way

The silicone gel scar sheets FlattenU has safe medical silicone gel (textile layer: polyamide, and elastane). The silicone gel in the FlattenU sheets uses silicone components to split the skin, breaking down the tissue in the scar into small molecules, which are excreted through the lymph. At the same time, it stimulates the collagen under the skin, and the cells continue to proliferate rapidly, allowing the skin to restore its balance and achieve the purpose of removing scars.The design of the sheet can keep the silicone gel on the skin continuously:

① lock the local high-moisture environment, soften and dilute the wrinkle scars.

② breathable and high oxygen permeability, which can reduce the aggregation of mast cells and improve wrinkle scars.

③ can have a pressurizing effect, promote the regular growth of collagen, and keep scar hyperplasia.

Advanced Technology & Safe Material

Medical Grade Silicone – FlattenU silicone sheets make scars more supple. The sheets will also reduce the redness of scars. FlattenU sheets are also an ideal way to prevent direct friction on the skin. The silicone in FlattenU Silicone Sheets helps to keep the sheet flexible and breathable and to soften and smooth scar tissue. Non-invasive safe for nursing, long-lasting, and proven results on old.

Recommend Scar Reduction Technology – Backed by patented silicone technology used by plastic surgeons, hospitals and burns centers when treating scars.

Provides (UPF50) UV protection – FlattenU silicone sheets (both Elastic and Light) also protect scars from sunlight, which is crucial for damaged skin. The protection provided by FlattenU silicone sheets is equivalent to SPF factor 50. This does not mean that you can sunbathe indefinitely with scarred skin. You are advised to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible.

Water-locking, breathable&Pressurize Effect 

The silicone scar sheets FlattenU removal sheets are used to form a split form of silicone to the skin, breaking down the tissue within the scar into small molecules that are discharged from the body through lymph, while stimulating the collagen under the skin, the cells continue to grow rapidly, allowing the skin to regain its balance and achieve the purpose of scar line removal.

Sheets are able to allow the silicone gel to stay on the skin continuously.

Lock the local high moisture environment - softening and fading the crease scars.

Breathable with high oxygen permeability - can reduce mast cell aggregation to improve the size of crease scars.

Has a pressurizing effect - to promote the regular growth of collagen, has been scar proliferation.

Layer creates a protective barrier - over the scar which allows it to mature while helping to prevent, the silicone layer also assists with the hydration of the scar.

Suitable Scars Type & How To Use

What Types of Scars to Use On

FlattenU works to diminish the appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloids, which have a raised and/or discolored appearance. These types of scars may result from surgery scars, hypertrophic scars,  stretch marks, burns scars, pimple scars, insect bites, c-sections, and more. Also works as an acne scar treatment.  When used as directed, FlattenU can be used on any part of the body, avoiding mucous membranes, open wounds and direct contact with eyes.

Directions For Use

● Ensure that the your scar area is clean and dry

● Remove the sheet from the sterile packet, peel off the clear protective plastic by rolling back the silicone

● Peel away the blue paper one side at a time to reveal the sticky side of the silicone

● Place the sticky side to your skin and pat down

You can wear the patch for 4-8 hours daily for two days. Then increase by 2 hours per day up to 24 hours per day for approximately 3 months, then you can see the new skin.

Why People Recognize FlattenU

FlattenU is certainly useful

These strips are easy to use and reusable. I started using four weeks after my tummy tuck surgery for my cut. I cut three strips instead of 1 long strip. They stay on better that way. I remove them when I go to the gym and restick to the tape. After the shower I apply them and use them all day. They will wrinkle with your clothes but they stay on. The silicone is really good and as long as you don’t sweat with them they will stick back on. I normally use mine for almost 2 weeks and they still stick. My scar is looking better every day.
- Chris Villanueva.
√ Verified Buyer

I can highly recommend FlattenU!
I recently had skin cancer surgery a couple months ago and the scars are pretty raised & ugly! This scar tape sticks on really well and actually stays on for days! They’re super easy to use - much easier than just the sheets. I like that this is a roll so you can size it well & only cut/use how much you actually need! After about 3 weeks of use, my scars look less pronounced! EXCELLENT PRODUCT!
√ Verified Buyer

My doctor advised me FlattenU
I had some ugly scars on my leg. My doctor advised me to use FlattenU silicone sheets. It’s a plaster that you paste on your scar and wear for 23 hours a day, then you wash it with soap and you can use it again. I’ve now been using it for just a week and my reaction is – WOW! The scars were so dark and purplish – and now they really look paler. FlattenU is also supposed to work on older scars. So if you’re really SUPER-annoyed with a scar, this is really a must!  🙂
- Anonymous.
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How Much Does It Cost?

Maybe you've struggled with or been ashamed of your body scars, or even ridiculed for them. The silicone gel scar removal sheets FlattenU has somewhat complemented the drawbacks and limitations of surgery and has given new hope to many patients with varying degrees of scar lines. Now that the skin problems of most of the tested users have been repaired, they and Dr. Kenna agree that the silicone gel scar sheets FlattenU should be available for more patients who are suffering from the problem.

Therefore, FlattenU will offer a 50% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you back your smooth skin.

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